Dirty 30 – Workout Wednesday 2.12.14

Hey everyone!  It’s Workout Wednesday and today I have an awesome challenge for you called the “Dirty 30”.  In this work out you are going to need a chair and stop watch.  We are going to complete 30 repetitions of 10 different exercises giving 100% effort the entire time.  You want to complete this challenge as fast as you can while maintaining proper form so there should be little rest throughout this work out.  If you give this workout all that you got, you will reap the rewards of metabolic conditioning and push your body into fat burning mode for up to 48 hours after completion.  The video below breaks down the moves for you.

1. Jumping Jacks
2. Shoulder Press Push Ups
3. Squat jumps
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Skaters (I mistakenly refer to them as skiers in the video)
6. Push Ups
7. Lunge Jumps
8. Triceps dips
9. Sumo squats
10. Burpees

This one is going to make you sweat!  If you complete this challenge, let me know what you think in the comments below!



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