Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette

Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette


No reason to buy salad dressing with a million different ingredients you can’t pronounce when you can make your own.  This is an easy, delicious dressing to accompany any salad of your choice.  It would especially pare well with a Southwestern or Taco Salad.


1 cup of packed cilantro

2 cups of extra virgin olive oil

1/2 cup of fresh lime juice

1/2 cup of fresh orange juice

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of pepper

2 cloves of garlic



In a food processor or blender, combine all of the ingredients and blend until smooth.  Store in a glass jar and refrigerate.  Good for up to a week.

TIP:  Reuse glass jars from pickles, tomato sauces, etc. to store your dressing in!

Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette


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