33 Weeks!

33 Weeks!  www.eatmovelivelove.com

How far along?   33 weeks and 8 months pregnant!  Eeeek!!!  My handy dandy pregnancy app tells me that baby is as big as a pineapple!  It’s measuring at about 17 inches and 4.5 lbs.  Baby S is just about finished growing in length and will be packing on the fat until it makes its big arrival!  Baby S is expected to gain about 1/2 lb per week going forward.  How in the world am I going to get any bigger???


Maternity Clothes?    You know it!  I’ve got myself covered so I definitely do not plan on making anymore maternity purchases.


Sleep?   Sleep isn’t the best but I guess it could also be a lot worse.  Still having to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and waking up multiple times to re-position myself.  It’s hard to change positions in bed with this big ole belly!  I just feel really heavy and I don’t pop up like I used to.  I am also congested (another perk of being of being pregnant!) so I have been snoring a bit.  Sometimes it wakes me up because I can’t catch a full breath.  I thought I was waking up to one snore but my husband assured me that I had been snoring long before the one that woke me up.  Sorry babe!  Did some research and it looks like we can thank good ole estrogen for that!  The extra estrogen makes your mucus membranes swell up.  Wonderful.


Best Moment of the week:   I haven’t been the best at updating so I am going to give you some highlights from the past few weeks.  One of my best friends, sister-in-law, and cousin-in-law threw a beautiful baby shower for me a couple of Sundays ago.  It was such a wonderful event and left my heart feeling very full!  Baby and I are so very blessed already!  The party had a nautical theme and everything turned out so adorable!






My husband and I also finished out birth preparation class (it was 4 weeks long) and a breastfeeding class.  Feeling more prepared for birth and beyond now that we got those out of the way.  Baby’s nursery is as finished as it’s going to be until after we know the gender.  Furniture is put together and the room is painted.  Looking forward to more decorating once the baby arrives!  We also managed to get some new family photos/maternity photos taken recently with my good friend (who just so happens to be an amazing photographer, Stacy Harper.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the photos!  If you are in the Des Moines area, I highly recommend her.  For information on her services, check out her website www.stacyharperphotography.com.  Here are a few of my favs!

33 weeks!  www.eatmovelivelove.com

33 weeks!  www.eatmovelivelove.com

33 Weeks!  www.eatmovelivelove.com

33 Weeks!  www.eatmovelivelove.com

Miss anything?   I definitely miss being a better sleeper!  Also miss being able to workout hard.  Looking forward to really getting back into the swing of things once I am cleared by my Midwife to do so.


Movement?   All the time!  I love feeling all the movement.  Now that I know the baby is in head down position, I have an idea of what I am feeling as well.  I feel it’s little foot near my belly button all the time.  I’ll push on it and it will move then come back again.  Baby S is already so playful!


Food Cravings?   I was craving soup the other day but I think that had more to do with the temps getting lower than it did to being pregnant.


Anything making your queezy or sick?   Thankfully not.  Have experienced some minor heartburn here or there but it’s nothing like I experienced when I was pregnant with Noah.  That was HORRIBLE!


Gender:  Still a mystery baby!


Labor signs?  No labor signs yet.  Want those to hold off for at least another 4-5 weeks but I am definitely getting lots of practice with Braxton Hicks contractions.  They are not painful or anything.  It just feels like my abdomen tightens up and my stomach becomes rock hard for a whole then goes away.  My body is getting ready for the big day!


Symptoms:  Besides what I have already described above, I have experienced some hip discomfort and numbness in certain spots of my upper back.  My midwife says that is likely due to the baby laying on a nerve.  I also am starting to feel tired again at the end of the day.  I miss my second trimester energy!


Belly button in or out?  Still half in, half out.


Wedding band on or off?  I have not experienced much swelling (especially when compared to being pregnant with Noah) but I have decided to take off my ring.  My ring finger size fluctuates quite a bit through out the day and there have been a few times that I was a little concerned trying to get my ring off.  I bought a big, ole fakey to wear until I deliver in the meantime.  J


Happy or moody most of the time?  Pretty darn happy most of the time.  Can’t help but to be happy knowing that we will get to meet our little one before we know it!  Christmas can’t come soon enough this year!


Looking forward to:  Tuesday I have another appointment with the Midwives to check in with Baby S.  I am going every 2 weeks now and once Ii hit 36 weeks, I will start going every week.  Also looking forward to sleeping in a little this week.  Let’s hope that I can!

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