19 Weeks!

19 weeks

How Far Along?  19 weeks!  Entering the 20th week and I am so excited to be at that half way point of my pregnancy!

Total weight gain:  14 lbs so far.  Hoping I can stick to the pound a week recommendation going forward.  That would put within the range of the weight gain experts recommend.  But as long as I am eating healthy, I am not going to worry about the weight gain too much.  My body is doing exactly what it needs to.  The extra weight will come off when the baby is born.

Maternity clothes?  Well, I officially cannot wear any of the pants in my wardrobe (except for yoga pants).  So, I am still sticking to my maxi dresses and skirts.  Most of my tanks and shirts are fitting still.  I will definitely need to purchase some pants in the future though.  Thankfully it’s not necessary yet with the warm weather.  So still holding off on the maternity wear!

Sleep?  Still having to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom but sleep quality has improved greatly in the past couple of weeks.

Best Moment this week:  Feeling the baby kick!  I have been feeling a few flutters here and there and have also been feeling the baby shift in my belly over the last few weeks.  The other night I had my hand over my belly watching TV in bed and actually felt the kick with my hand!  Looking forward to experiencing this more!  Hoping Jason and Noah can feel for themselves eventually!

Miss anything?  Nope!

Movement?:  Besides what I have already mentioned, I can really feel/see the baby in my abdomen now.  Especially in the mornings when my bladder is full.  It’s crazy to be able to feel and see where the baby is positioned in my belly.  It seems to favor my left side.

Food cravings?  Nope!  I know, I know….I’m boring!

Anything making you queezy or sick?  Not at all.  Woohoo!

Gender:  Mystery baby!  It will stay a mystery until I deliver.  🙂

Labor signs?  Nope.

Symptoms:  Every now and then I get tightness in my belly and it feels crampy for a little bit.  But it’s normal!  I also have been having some weird, vivid dreams.  Oh, and back acne.  So annoying!  Gotta love those pregnancy hormones.

Belly button in or out:  In….but getting flatter!

Wedding ring on or off:  On

Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy!  🙂  Maybe a little moody at work…but that is more situational than hormonal!

Looking forward to:  In a few weeks we will have an ultrasound to check on the babe!  Usually this is the ultrasound people can find out the sex of the baby which we will not be doing but it is really to check and make sure everything is developing correctly.  More than likely this will be our last opportunity to see the baby before birth.  Excited to see how much it has grown!  Hopefully the baby is active while we take a peek!

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